Kristen Griffin is a sprinter turned endurance athlete, personal trainer and RRCA certified running coach.

About Me:

From middle school through college, anything over 400 meters seemed much too far to run! I had a successful sprinting/hurdling career during that time achieving school records and qualifying for the NCAA DII national meet. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Health and Human Performance from Fort Hays State University in 2012 and no longer having a coach expecting me to show up for practice daily, I had to figure out what was next for myself. 

I turned to distance running in the summer of 2012 mostly to keep health and fitness as a large part of my life as I worked towards my personal training certification. I didn't realize I'd become hooked to distance running while training for my first half marathon in spring of 2013! Since then, I have successfully completed multiple 5ks, over 20 half marathons, 3 full marathons, two Half Ironman triathlons and one Full Ironman triathlon. In these accomplishments I've also raced in 15 states and qualified for the Boston Marathon.

Now that the Boston Marathon has passed, I plan to continue learning how to run as a new mom and build my fitness back to my previous abilities. I know it will be a long road back, but I couldn't be more excited to continue my running journey! 

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ACE Personal Trainer
RRCA Certified Running Coach

Current PRs:

1 Mile: 5:56.51
5k: 20:38 at Running With the Cows, 2016
10k: 44:10 at The Resolution Run, 2019
Half Marathon: 1:32:56 at The Mesa-PHX Half Marathon, 2019
Marathon: 3:31:05 at The Chicago Marathon, 2016
Half Ironman: 5:30:38 at Half Ironman Muncie, 2016
Ironman: 12:16:47 at Ironman Wisconsin, 2016


I believe that building confidence, having a focused plan, and an attentive coach will help any athlete, regardless of abilities, reach not only their goals but their full potential. This process will take time and knowing that going in is part of the battle. Life happens, and may cause a bump or two in the road but I will be with you every step of the way to cheer you on. Running is an investment of your time and finances, so I also believe it's important to enjoy the time on your feet as you strive to reach your goals.

Pushing cousin Martilee during her first half marathon! 4/30/2016

Pushing cousin Martilee during her first half marathon! 4/30/2016

Ironman Wisconsin finish line. 9/11/2016

Ironman Wisconsin finish line. 9/11/2016